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At the Spy Detective Agency before starting the investigation of any case, first, we arrive with the professional detective team at the scenario where the incident took place to know the exact facts and find the clues to begin the investigation.  Mostly our agency observes that people that are guilty or suspicious try to lie or a story to stay from this incident.  But people forget that the facial expression or more sympathy indicates the detective about the suspect person.

Spy Detective Agency is the Private Investigation agency in Delhi. We have an experienced team of detective which help to find out the hidden evidence of anyone without knowing and keeping things in secrecy.  Services that we provide Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigation, Divorce Case Investigation, Surveillance Investigation,  Extramarital Affair, etc. For the person who wants any of the services, a well-experienced team helps them to discover the truth and collect the evidence, without revealing the information. The gathered evidence helps as proof against the suspicious person.

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