Guangzhou, China – June 4, 2020 — Stay Safe - Stay Healthy - Stay Positive! SPDT 4 Life is a leader in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, combining the best of traditional medicine and protocols with the latest research and proven holistic and alternative treatments. At SPDT 4 LIFE and Golden Sand Bay Hospital we have taken this time to make improvements at the hospital, so that when the borders are reopened we will have an even greater range of treatments options and level of care to offer our patients. 

The International Cancer Centre of Jinshazhou Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University of Chinese Medicine (also known as Golden Sand Bay Hospital) is a world-class oncology facility located in Guangzhou, southeast China. The Centre is a joint-venture between Jinshazhou Hospital and the ICON Group, Australia’s leading cancer care service provider. The University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia also collaborates with the Centre to provide medical physics research, training and education.

The long-term collaboration with Australia’s ICON Group has meant Australian experts regularly visit the Centre to add further consultation and guidance to the clinical work undertaken. 

The Centre has a world-class medical imaging department that boasts some of the most cutting-edge equipment available anywhere in the world. All equipment is supported by CT/MR/PET-CT imaging and carries out Static/Dynamic Radiation Therapy in all directions, including three-dimensional conformity, volumetric intensity, three-dimensional body-oriented radiosurgery, respiratory gated radiation therapy, close-up brachytherapy and particle-implanted irradiation technologies. 

Further confirmation that the International Cancer Centre is truly world class, came with the recent announcement that Mevion Medical Systems will supply GSB with a Mevion S250i Proton Therapy System with HYPERSAN Pencil Beam Scanning - making it the first compact proton therapy system in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

The new Mevion system is expected to be available for treatment in 2021. 

The Centre employs a MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) model for diagnosis and tailoring treatment protocols for patients, which relies on the intensive collaboration and cooperation of experts from a range of specialist departments. 

Reassuring to know that, the International Cancer Centre of Jinshazhou Hospital in conjunction with SPDT 4 LIFE can provide so much more. Patients around the world can come here when they are looking for a more comprehensive and wider range of treatment options and the incredible team of experts will tailor a program for each individual patient, leaving no stone unturned as they work to return each patient to optimal health. 

To learn more about SPDT 4 Life’s revolutionary holistic cancer treatments, to schedule a completely confidential consultation, or for more information about the treatment center itself, please visit, email, or call +1 86 20 3779 3597.


About SPDT 4 Life


SPDT 4 Life is a World leading holistic cancer treatment center located at the Golden Sand Bay Hospital in Guangzhou, China. Most notably SPDT 4 LIFE has the only full body SPDT equipment in the world, providing for patients with metastatic disease a nontoxic, holistic alternative, which is so important to a large percentage of patients these days. SPDT 4 LIFE also offers HIFU, NanoKnife, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hyperthermia, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Immunotherapy, Brachytherapy and an extensive range of holistic treatments including - but not limited to -  exercise as medicine, gut health, diet/nutritional advice, supplementation and mindfulness.


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Address: Golden Sand Bay Hospital, No 1, Lichuan Road East, Jinshazhou, Guangzhou, China


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Jodie Hooper


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Cancer Treatment Center: SPDT 4 LIFE


Address: Golden Sand Bay Hospital, No.1 Lichuan Road East, Jinshazhou, Guangzhou, China 510168

Phone: +86 20 3779 3597; Fax: +86 20 3761 8114

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