Just about everyone these days is surrounded by locks and keys no matter where they go in life. Locks safeguard homes, businesses, and vehicles. Locks and keys, however, are not foolproof and can malfunction or experience other problems too. Such things as house keys getting broken off in locks and transponder keys not communicating properly with their host vehicles are commonplace. Other occurrences such as mechanical lock spring tumbler failures and electronic keypad malfunctions happen all of the time too. Any lock or key can fail at any point in time. When they do, these lock repair tasks usually fall into the competent hands of a professional locksmith 

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Times have changed for locksmiths over the years. Once all a locksmith had to worry about handling were simple cut key and mechanical lock issues. That is hardly the case anymore. Now there are different and harder keys to duplicate such as sidewinder keys and transponder keys. Electronic locks have even complicated things more for locksmiths. Through it all, locksmiths continually evolve the way they do their jobs and are by far the best option for getting any lock or key service done. 

Here are just some of the types of work that residential, automotive, and commercial customers ask their locksmith to do for them: 

Home, Car and Business Lockouts 

By far one of the most common lock situations that any locksmith will handle are lockouts. They happen all of the time at homes, commercial properties, and with automobiles’. Lockouts also happen for many different reasons too. They can result from such things as the loss of a key, keyless entry device malfunction or wornout inner working mechanical lock parts. No matter what causes any lockout, reputable locksmith services such as North Olmsted Locksmith out of North Olmsted, Ohio know how to expertly resolve any lockout problem.  

Commercial Panic Bars and Fire Doors 

Another task that locksmiths do very well is maintaining and installing commercial door safety devices. These include both panic bars and fire exit door locks. Emergency exit door safety locks like these are essential for warning others of an emergency situation in a building and also helping with the quick egress of that same building too. There is no better type of repair person to call than a locksmith when any business needs panic bar or fire door lock work done. Locksmith professionals are experts at installing, maintaining and repairing exit doors with fire alarm locks and panic bars. 

Keyless Electronic Locking Devices 

Mechanical locking devices once dominated the world of locks but that’s no longer the case. In the not too distant future, one can reasonably expect keyless electronic locking devices to take over the lock marketplace. That’s because keyless locking devices offer security options and conveniences that simply cannot be gotten with mechanical type locks. As with all other types of locks, locksmiths are the best bet when it comes to getting electronic keyless lock repairs, installations, and upgrades are done. 

24-hour Emergency Locksmith Services 

There are very few businesses these days that make themselves available to help you out after normal working hours. Even fewer businesses offer help late at night, on weekends, and on every major holiday. That, however, is exactly what a majority of locksmith services across the country do. They make themselves available 24-hours a day every day of the year to help you out with any commercial, residential or auto lock problem that you are having. Many times an emergency locksmith will arrive at your location within 30 to 50 minutes from the time you call and request their help. 

Free Commercial Lock Consultations 

Most businesses really do not know where they stand as far as the status of all of their locks is concerned. That’s why many locksmith service companies offer free commercial lock consultations to their local business locksmith customers. During these lock inspections, a trained locksmith professional will inspect all of the locks that are found at a business. When they are done inspecting those locks, they will then sit down with the person in charge of that business and discuss what they found. This will give that business manager a good idea which locks at their business are in serious need of repairs or replacement. 

Broken/Stuck Key Extraction 

There’s a reason why keys don’t weigh very much. That’s because most often times they are made out of super-lightweight metals. This has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that keys wear down and become weaker over time. That’s why many of them end up breaking off in locks on a regular basis. Over the years locksmiths have perfected the craft of removing broken keys from the locks they have become stuck in.  

Ignition Cylinder Lock Replacements 

One of the most often used locks in any person’s life is their automobiles ignition cylinder lock. Every time that vehicle is driven that lock is engaged and disengaged. That adds up to much wear and tear on an ignition cylinder lock over time. That’s why this another very common lock repair or change that locksmiths perform. Locksmiths carry a large variety of replacement ignition cylinder locks right on their service vehicles and also carry the necessary tools to repair or replace ignition cylinder locks. Many times a professional locksmith can change out an ignition cylinder lock in less than an hour. 

Safe Combination Changing 

There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure the safety of the safes that one has at their home and business. One of them is to change the combination of safes when a key employee leaves a business that had access to a safe. This is also true when someone who previously had access to a home safe no longer needs that access. Locksmiths make it their business to know how to change the combinations on any mechanical or electrical safe lock that is found in a home or at a commercial property.